Research to Advance Innovation, Integration and Capacity

small-business-technology-transfer-researchDTI and its partners support scientific excellence and technological innovation through research to build a strong national economy. We continually partner with research institutions and local talent to bring forth cutting-edge solutions to foster technology transfer and stimulate innovation.

For example, to address the critical needs for long term Space missions, our team at Juxtopia® CAMMRAD Space Challenge motivates middle and high school students to develop real-world robot, software, and human/robot interaction systems that benefit humans during long term space exploration missions and similar austere/extreme environments on Earth.

Here is what Mr. Robert Cabana, Director of NASA’s Kennedy Space Center, in Florida had to see “The human-robotic interface is key to our success now and in our future.”

We aggressively supported our Juxtopia partner Small Business Technology Transfer (STTR) project with resources and investment in the Context-Aware Mobile Mixed Reality Assistive Device (CAMMRAD) Mission. These projects are designed to advance Juxtopia® augmented reality (AR) goggle hardware and software for improving human performance® during human operations in austere and extreme environment during Earth and Space missions.