Research to Advance Innovation, Integration and Capacity

healthcare-researchDTI performs healthcare IT research/studies/analysis and provides operational, technical, and maintenance services for systems, subsystems, networks and equipment, some of which interface with, information systems throughout the Federal Government including HHS, CMS, State agencies, as well as, a wide array of Pharmaceutical outfits. Sample work performed: Health Sciences Research on Informatic and Computational Services; Health Communication Support Services and Enhancements to Facilitate, Integration and Data Exchange at the Federal, State, and Local Level; Integration of Health Systems Across Federal Agencies and Public and Private Healthcare Systems; Modernization and Enhancement of Existing Health IT Legacy Systems; Scientific Computing Services; IT Service Management; and Standards Development for Health IT Services.

DTI supported the health IT infrastructure that ensured systems availability and reliability for ACA applications across the United States, resulting in recognition by IRS Chief Technology Officer (CTO), for excellence. DTI subject-matter-experts have demonstrated excellence in the implementation and integration of quality solutions that support IT, healthcare and financial systems nationwide, including initiatives like the National Data Centers Consolidation.

Our staff has designed advanced wearable technology for improving healthcare provider proficiency for DOD, First Responders, and Chief Medical Officers supporting the International Space Station through NASA. Our researchers are developing a high-accuracy OCR to augment human linguists with software systems that effectively allow non-linguists to perform low-level translation tasks and document triage.

DTI is also a strategic partner with the Center for Health Informatics, Planning and Policy (CHIPP), at Morgan State University (MSU), and advocates for dialogue among thought-leaders throughout the U.S. and around the world. These seminars provide opportunities for students and stakeholders to discuss global IT health challenges while finding solutions to bring innovation, research and excellence (DTI FIRE) to the industry. This cross-generational approach to problem-solving and critical thinking has supported areas, such as Biomedical/Health Diversity, Visual Analytics, Environmental Education, and Predictive Analytics.